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Plakias  Rethymno

Only 7.5km from our restaurant

Plakias is situated 36 km south of Rethymno, at about 30 minutes by car. Plakias at the end of 19th century was a small fishermen village, which has been developed over the last decades, as far as tourism is concerned. Today there are small hotels and apartments to rent in Plakias, enough for the many visitors during the summer.

The beach of Plakias starts from the village and continues to the east. It is one of the biggest beaches of Crete, which still offers the sense of comfort and of the endless space.

One of the favorite sights of the visitors in Plakias is the old mill, that is situated at 1,5 km from the village. Also, at the place Poligremnos, in the eastern side of the big beach of Plakias,   there are some big arcades that the Germans digged during the occupation.

At this point, called also “Gonates”, there is a huge vertical cliff, and it is said that Digenis kneeled and drunk water from a nearby fountain, one of the many fountains of the region. 


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