restaurant café GEFYRA | Preveli

Beach Preveli- Palm tree forest 

Only 3km from our restaurant 

Preveli is situated about 35 km south of Rethymno and 10 km east of Plakias.

The beach of Preveli is situated at the exit of the commanding river, Megas Potamos, where it creates a small lake before it pours in the sea, the lake Preveli. So, the visitor who will chose this beach for swimming has the unique chance to swim either in the salty water of the sea or in the not salty water of the lake and the river!

The visitor discovers many natural and cultural treasures. One of them is the palm tree forest where the sandy beach of Preveli spreads, with the gorgeous waterfalls that end to the sea. One walk will help you discover the beauties of the region.

Because of this image and this unusual environment the beach is a very popular destination between the tourists, even since the 70s, when many hippies were coming here and camping, building huts from herbs and branches from the palm trees.  


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